Friday, July 26, 2013

#InternLife - Setting Up an RSS Feed Aggregator

The Gist:  RSS feed aggregators act as a one-stop shop and bring information from blogs, websites, etc to you.  Setting one up is easy and most have free applications that allow seamless interfacing between web browsers, tablets, and smart phones...check out the video below for how I do it.

  • Yes, I realize the irony of posting this on a blog and is not useful for most folks, but I wanted a single link to refer people to when there's a paucity of time to help people set things up.

Getting Started:

1.  Pick an RSS Aggregator (Feedly, Flipboard, etc)
2.  Add content.  The steps will be essentially the same as above.  Here are some of my favorite blogs to follow. You can also get articles from journals as they are published (or before, by following the articles in press feeds).  Here's how I approach that (note: uses GoogleReader but steps are the same in Feedly).
3.  Read.


  • Start slowly and steadily, as it's easy to get overwhelmed by information overload (see Dr. Chris Nickson's talk on FOAM overload).  For example, I often start people out with 3-4 blogs.
  • You can add journals (anything from Annals of EM to Journal of Medical Toxicology) and videos, too!  Examples include Amal Mattu's EKG videos, EM in 5 (core EM distilled into digestible 5 minute chunks), and HQMEDED (an assortment of excellent EM cases and talks, most of which are brief)

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